48 Hours in Vermont


From wandering along the shoreline of Lake Champlain to exploring quaint bookstores and vintage shoppes to tasting maple-flavored everything, my travel to Vermont was grand to say the very least. My mom, who also attended the trip, drove us to two very different towns in Vermont: Stowe and Burlington. Luckily, I was able to find some time to myself to write about both places and share some of my favorite aspects with you all!

It is no wonder why Vermont was nicknamed the Green Mountain State; surrounding the perimeter of Stowe, and other small villages alike, are miles of vibrant greenery. The mountaintops touch the bottoms of the clouds, making them appear to have snowy caps, even during the summer months. Thankfully, nature is not lost in the village of Stowe, but heightened by the prosperity of fresh produce sales and the preservation of historical factories, like the Cold Hallow Apple Cider Mill. It did not matter which direction I looked; mountains, trees, farmer’s markets, and tiny shoppes were always visible, which is the reason why I really fell in love with Stowe. For its antiquated, New England charm.

Burlington, on the other hand, was quite opposite compared to Stowe. It is a college town, therefore more touristy, but evenly packed with local stores and chain retailers. Although, something Burlington has that Stowe does not have is the famous Lake Champlain. It is a beautiful, freshwater lake. I didn’t get to go out on the water during this trip, but the next trip I will for sure!

After visiting Vermont, I wanted to reflect on my short time spent there. Both Stowe and Burlington are saturated in history, and the idea that the locals intend on keeping their traditions and history alive is even more appealing to me.

I say this was another successful road trip! There will be plenty more to come in the future. I’ll be updating my blog as I travel across the country this summer, so stay in tune!





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