Bike Riding, Seafood, & Saving Turtles

Block Island, RI

Looking for a secluded, laid-back, and relaxing vacation this summer? Block Island, Rhode Island is the perfect place for you then!

Block Island is a safe haven. Located 17 miles out into sea, it is the ideal place to get some peace and quiet. As a writer, that was exactly what I was looking for. When I first arrived, after a one hour ferry ride in the evening, I looked out from the shoreline and saw the most breathtaking sunset I had ever witnessed. Yellows, pinks, purples, and blues filled the clear sky. It was like I was staring at a painting, but I had that sandy beach smell to go along with it. Eventually, I made my way through town and checked into the 2-story cottage my family and I would be living in for the next week.

The house is big. Bigger than I expected, and there are windows and screen doors at every corner. The best part of the house is the deck overlooking the tops of trees. It’s quiet here, which I like. Different from an Ocean City, New Jersey vacation.

So far, I have been on the island for less than 48 hours, and I have already had some deliciously fresh seafood at The National Hotel, explored the downtown shops, and went bike riding. While riding along the side of the road today, I noticed a small turtle trying to cross. I feared that he’d be run over by a car at any moment, so my sister and I picked him up, set him in the grass, and let him mosey on his way. Our good deed for the day!

I’ll be writing more about my Block Island trip as the week goes on. So excited for the adventures to come!



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