Traveling from Coast to Coast ☼


Finally! The extravaganza that my family and I had been planning for several years now happened during the first three weeks of August…

Our cross country road trip!!!

Before this trip, the furthest West I had been in the United States was Cincinnati, Ohio (so not very far). For so long I dreamed of sticking my toes in the Pacific Ocean and seeing The Rocky Mountains. I wanted to experience life in other cities, like Los Angeles or Las Vegas, and do it with the people I loved. My family and I came to the conclusion that this summer would be the perfect time to do this trip, so we packed up our suitcases and began our journey to the West Coast.

Of the many places we traveled to, I have three favorites that I’d like to share with you!

Chicago, Illinois

After seeing photos of the famous Cloud Gate, nicknamed the Bean, a few years ago, I had always wanted to visit Chicago and see it in person. What a sight it really is! I was left in awe because I had never seen any sculpture like it before.

Although I only spent one day in the city, I could sense a deep appreciation for the arts by the Illinoisans and tourists. As a fellow artist myself, that appreciation as a tourist was very welcoming.

Lastly, I cannot forget to mention the deep dish pizza!!! Unfortunately, this pizza has ruined all other pizza for me because it was just so darn good. Looks like I’ll be going back to Chicago soon… 🙂

Lake Tahoe, Nevada


If you ask my family, they will also agree that this was one of their favorite places, if not THE favorite.

Lake Tahoe sits in the middle of the border between Nevada and California. It is the perfect travel location during any season of the year; paddle boarding and fishing in the summer, skiing and campfires in the winter. It was definitely the most relaxing destination of our three week, non-stop vacation. There were tiny, quaint restaurants in walking distance from our hotel. Did I mention that our hotel sat right on the lake?! Yes, amazing views 🙂 I feel lucky enough to have stayed there for the short three days I did, and I definitely would love to go back.

San Francisco, California


For those of you who know me personally, you know that I am the definition of a city girl. That may possibly be why two out of my three favorite places are cities. I always imagined myself falling in love with California, and after visiting, well…that’s exactly what happened!

San Francisco initially amazed me because of the weather actually! It was like Autumn in August, and I live for fall weather. The city is so rich in its colors; the houses, the people, the restaurants. It’s nothing like New York City. Much more relaxed in every way possible. I think that if an opportunity ever comes my way that leads me to the West Coast, I’ll move to San Francisco. I want to explore it more, learn the culture and how people interact there as opposed to the East Coast.

#crosscountryroadtrip xoxo


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