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Touring with the Main Company



Many wonderful opportunities have presented themselves already this season. I finally feel like I’m breaking out of this mold, straying away from the rest of the group, and being singled out for solo roles. Everyday I’m discovering more of myself as an artist, playing around with different movement and musicality like I never have before. Of course, I still struggle with some technical weaknesses, but they only create more incentive for me to work even harder.

I have been invited to go on tour with The Pennsylvania Ballet. We will be performing George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker in Cleveland, OH before returning to Philadelphia for the next 27 shows. I’m so honored and humbled to have been chosen to travel with the main company.

Within the school, trainees and level 8’s have been rehearsing for our end-of-the-year showcase. It is a Bolshoi Ballet Graduation piece involving 4 movements. Another student and I were asked to learn the 2nd movement; the grand pas de deux. I’m very excited to learn it and work with a partner. Partnering is an entirely different skill in itself so I’m glad to improve upon that.

Besides these exciting opportunities, everyday is just a normal, 7-hour day at the studio. I love working with my friends by my side, with our new school directors, Anastasia and Denis, and with the new company members in rehearsal.

Questions regarding Cleveland Nutcracker Touring dates and/or Philadelphia Nutcracker dates, please leave a comment below!


1 thought on “Touring with the Main Company”

  1. Absolutely thrilled that you are fulfilling your dreams along with the wonderful opportunities PA Ballet is offering you. Can’t wait to see your performances at the Academy of Music again this year.

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