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Quick Update on Life as a Ballerina

After a successful 32 performances, Nutcracker season is finally over! My blog posts have been non-existent over the past two months because I spent literally all of my time rehearsing, touring, performing and sleeping. But now that that’s all over with and a new year has begun, expect many more posts in the future! Here is a quick, photographic glance at Nutcracker 2016…

Ballet classes started up this past week at The School of PA Ballet. I have changed my diet slightly, eating more fruits and vegetables and drinking lots of Vitamin water, which I believe has helped me get back in shape faster and heal my very sore muscles. The main company will be starting rehearsals for Angel Corella’s Le Corsaire soon. More updates to come later regarding casting, rehearsals, etc. In the mean time, my days are much shorter compared to those during Nutcracker season. I have more free time on my hands which has allowed me to reunite with old passions of mine. The first obviously being writing.

I also pulled out my camera a few days ago and have been snapping some shots here and there. Experimenting with different lighting and angles.

As the season gets busier, I’ll have more to write about! For now, thanks for reading and don’t forget to click the Follow button below and share 🙂


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