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Outreach Program with The School of Pennsylvania Ballet


Just yesterday, the Level 8 and Trainee Program of the School of Pennsylvania Ballet performed at the Montessori Children’s House in Horsham, PA. Our lovely audience was a small group of children ages 2-6 years old.

My class performed several pieces for the young students, including sections from FaustLa fille mal gardéeLe Corsaire and a contemporary dance choreographed by Jessica Kilpatrick.

This was my first outreach program experience and I really felt that it not only inspired the children, but that it brought my class closer together as friends. We worked hard as a team to put on a nice performance for the Montessori children, and I believe that we achieved that goal! I am looking forward to more outreach programs in the future.


SAVE THE DATE: Angel Corella’s Le Corsaire will be premiering on March 9th at 7:30pm at The Academy of Music in Philadelphia, PA and will be running until March 19th. I will be performing in every show. To purchase tickets, click here


1 thought on “Outreach Program with The School of Pennsylvania Ballet”

  1. Hi, my name is Lillian Ortiz from Pennsylvania. I stumbled upon your blog (found it from World Wide loved your article about self-criticism vs. sabotage) and just love it and what you are all about, Ballet, Blogging, and Travel…I feel like we have so much in common not to mention our last name!! Represent! 😛 😀 Anyway, I wish you al the best during your time at Pennsylvania Ballet. I love doing outreach performances too, especially for kids! They are always so enthusiastic and appreciative.



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