Photography + Poetry♡

Weekend through the lens...     Nice to be home. Wish I could stay longer.     Always amazing food, always a perfect view in the city.     Performed for some young ones. 3/5/17 thoughts... I think it's time for a change in my life, But I'm so afraid of the unknown. What's to … Continue reading Photography + Poetry♡


Finding positivity in this crazy world

2-5-17 Remember you are worthy, Of love, Laughs, And life. Remember you are beautiful, Confident, Yet always humble. Remember you are pure, Untouched by the depths of strife. Remember you are strong, You may stumble, But never fall. Sarasota Ballet, located in Sarasota, Florida, invited me to audition in New York City for their professional … Continue reading Finding positivity in this crazy world

Quick Update on Life as a Ballerina

After a successful 32 performances, Nutcracker season is finally over! My blog posts have been non-existent over the past two months because I spent literally all of my time rehearsing, touring, performing and sleeping. But now that that's all over with and a new year has begun, expect many more posts in the future! Here is a quick, … Continue reading Quick Update on Life as a Ballerina