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24.9.17 Philadelphia Art Museum

trip to the art museum

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Touring with the Main Company

11/13/16 Many wonderful opportunities have presented themselves already this season. I finally feel like I'm breaking out of this mold, straying away from the rest of the group, and being singled out for solo roles. Everyday I'm discovering more of myself as an artist, playing around with different movement and musicality like I never have… Continue reading Touring with the Main Company


Traveling from Coast to Coast ☼

Finally! The extravaganza that my family and I had been planning for several years now happened during the first three weeks of August... Our cross country road trip!!! Before this trip, the furthest West I had been in the United States was Cincinnati, Ohio (so not very far). For so long I dreamed of sticking… Continue reading Traveling from Coast to Coast ☼


Bike Riding, Seafood, & Saving Turtles

Looking for a secluded, laid-back, and relaxing vacation this summer? Block Island, Rhode Island is the perfect place for you then! Block Island is a safe haven. Located 17 miles out into sea, it is the ideal place to get some peace and quiet. As a writer, that was exactly what I was looking for. When… Continue reading Bike Riding, Seafood, & Saving Turtles


48 Hours in Vermont

From wandering along the shoreline of Lake Champlain to exploring quaint bookstores and vintage shoppes to tasting maple-flavored everything, my travel to Vermont was grand to say the very least. My mom, who also attended the trip, drove us to two very different towns in Vermont: Stowe and Burlington. Luckily, I was able to find… Continue reading 48 Hours in Vermont